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Where Can I Find Form 990 Instructions?

You can find the most recent Form 990 instructions here. There. That was easy. But wait--there’s more! Much more, in fact. Once you open the instructions, you may notice that there is A LOT to digest.  All in all, the IRS 990 instructions for the full version of the...

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Why is the 990 N Called the e-Postcard?

A postcard is nothing new.   In fact, the first government-produced postcard in the United States was issued on May 1, 1873. Over the past 146 years, tourists have used them to send notes home from vacations, students away at school have dropped a few lines to their...

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Non Profit Taxes for Newbies

Remember when you first learned to drive a car? Driving for the first time, whether it was around the block on in busy traffic, can be daunting. That's because tasks often seem overwhelming when you attempt them for the first time. You lack the experience to feel...

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How Many Different 990 Forms Are There?

Filing an IRS nonprofit 990 form is the least favorite pastime of most people, unless you’re a CPA or a certified e-filer for nonprofit organizations like File 990. But filing on time annually is very much a fact of life for your organization, and it’s crucial to...

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Form 990-N Basics for Nonprofits

If you're new to the nonprofit world, thinking about starting one, or suddenly find yourself in charge of the taxes for the charity where you volunteer, don't panic about filing annual taxes. There's no reason to dread your annual tax filing, especially if you’re a...

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990-N? More Like 990-That Was Super Easy

When you’re trying to file your IRS tax form 990-N, take heart.  You’re not alone. Your non-profit organization is one among roughly 1.5 million such ventures in the United States, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. Your organization has its...

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